“The people will choose the forces that lead the way which ensures our country’s stay in the European Union and the euro”. Lucas Papademos, Greece’s interim prime minister, called for snap elections yesterday, opening the way for a contest without a definitive result till the 6th of May…

According to the latest public opinion survey eight parties would enter the next parliament:  Conservative Nea Dimokratia 18,2%, socialist PASOK 14,2%, Communist KKE 8%, Independent Greeks 7%, left SYRIZA 6,2%, Democratic Left 5,9%, far-right LAOS 4%, extreme-right Chrysi Aygi 3,1%.

Furthermore, while the majority of respondents seem to prefer Nea Dimokratia, 24,3% consider ex Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos(PASOK leader) as the most suitable PM and 23,8% Antonis Samaras (ND leader). Apart from that, 63,3% want a coalition government, while 28,1% want one-party government. The most expected of all is that an overwhelming majority, 84,9%, declare that they will go to cast votes, while 13% say they will abstain from the elections.

The polls reflect the augmented public anger and social unrest against the politicians who approved austerity measures and are perceived as having created the dysfunctional state that lead to the conditions for the debt crisis. In addition, they declare undoubtedly that the two parties in the interim government have lost major support, despite the fact that in the last election of 2009, they polled almost 80%.

And that’s the reason why these elections will take place now and not later, so as PASOK and Nea Dimokratia won’t lose their “thrones”… permanently. Moreover, some hold the view that the elections will not produce a strong Parliament and a second round of voting will be required, where people will be more realistic, knowing that the new government, whoever it will be, would face the tough task of drafting further measures by June…

On the other hand, the smaller anti-austerity parties, including the newly formed, may be likely to benefit, without forming an effective government, plus the fact that the measures could be in peril if these parties gain a majority.

Last but not least, former Defense Minister of PASOK, Akis Tsohatzopoulos, was arrested yesterday on money laundering charges. He has been tied to a number of scandals involving bribe taking, including those involving a German submarine.

Coincidence, fate or… a reason (not) to vote???


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