Global news bulletin 20/04/2012

Posted: April 20, 2012 in News bulletin

-A plane carrying 127 passengers has crashed in bad weather near Islamabad international airport, according to reports. Police officials said emergency teams were on their way to the crash site.

-The US has called on the UN Security Council to adopt an arms embargo and other tough measures against Syria to try to halt 13 months of bloodshed.

-Thousands of Egyptians have gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square calling for the ruling military council to keep to a pledge to hand over power by June.

Anders Behring Breivik, who admits killing 77 people in Norway last summer, told that he learned from al Qaeda in planning his attacks, and was inspired by the Oklahoma City and World Trade Center bombings.

French presidential candidates are campaigning for the last day before voters go to the polls on Sunday. No campaigning is allowed the day before the election, but today both Nicolas Sarkozy, the French President and his Socialist rival Francois Hollande have clashed over the euro crisis in the final exchanges.

China downplayed India’s successful missile launch this week, saying that the two sides are not rivals but cooperating partners.

-Two years after the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, local  residents and clean-up workers say they have developed serious illnesses. Those affected blame a combination of the five million barrels of oil spilled by BP and cleaning chemicals.

Silvio Berlusconi has made an unexpected appearance at his trial in the so-called Rubygate case.The former Italian prime minister denies charges of paying for sex with an underage dancer, and of abusing his power in trying to get her released from police custody.

-Media magnate Rupert Murdoch will appear next week before the independent British inquiry into journalistic ethics prompted by phone hacking at his defunct News of the World tabloid.

-As the Twin Towers were before the 9/11 attacks, the new rebuilt World Trade Center in New York is also set to become the city’s tallest building. In the coming days, as construction continues, it will overtake in height the Empire State Building.

YouTube could face a huge bill for royalties after it lost a court battle in Germany over music videos. A court in Hamburg ruled that YouTube is responsible for the content that users post to the video sharing site.

Sources: BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, Reuters, euronews, NYT, WSJ


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