Greek neo-Nazi MP assaults communist in TV debate (anthology)

Posted: June 8, 2012 in Greek news
  1. With Grexit Vote Nigh, Greek Neo-Nazi Slaps Communist Party Member on Live TV
  2. Greek Neo- Nazi politician throws water and slaps Communist woman
  3. Greek Neo-Nazi Punches Woman Repeatedly On Live TV
  4. Shock Vid: Greek Neo-Nazi Party Official Beats Female Communist Repeatedly on Live TV
  5. Greek neo-Nazi Golden Dawn MP slaps female leftist politician in the face on live television
  6. Far-Right Politician in Greece Slaps Rival on TV
  7. Greek neo-Nazi MP assaults female guest in TV debate
  8. Greek Golden Dawn Politician Ilias Kasidiaris Attacks Female Greek MP Live On TV (VIDEO)
  9. Greek neo-Nazi MP assaults communist in TV debate
  10. Greek MP slaps woman on live TV
  11. Greek MP slaps female rival party member in the face on live TV
  12. Neo-Nazi politician (and ex boxer) punches female MP live on TV and hurls glass of water over another
  13. Greece election debate turns violent
  14. Greek far-right Golden Dawn MP wanted for assault
  15. Greek politician throws glass of water, slaps opponent on talk show
  16. Greek Communist party deputy slapped on live TV
  17. Greek far-right party member assaults politicians on TV
  18. Greek Political Debate Turns Violent
  19. Grecia, portavoce partito neonazista picchia due deputate in diretta tv
  20. Greece: far-right Golden Dawn politican slaps female MP on live TV
  21. Hunt For Greek MP After TV Attack

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