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Newspapers and commentators have been giving their reaction to the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The Times described director Danny Boyle’s creation as a “masterpiece”.

“Adventurous, self-confident, playful, entertaining, and all with a sense of history,” it said.

Columnist Simon Barnes said “London turned down the option to celebrate giants and supermen and power and might and chose instead to celebrate people”.

‘Magic night’

“Brilliant, breathtaking, bonkers and utterly British,” said the Telegraph.

“Danny Boyle captured the spirit, history, humour and patriotism of an expectant nation last night as he pulled off an Olympic opening ceremony like no other.”

Andrew Gilligan in the Telegraph was decidedly lukewarm about the event, describing it as a “bit of a grab-bag”.

“I thought some of it was great, some was rather bad and quite a lot of it will mystify the foreign TV viewers (95% of the audience) who it was supposed to dazzle,” he said.

However, historian Tim Stanley in the same newspaper said it “told many stories about British history.”

He said: “The show was as complex (or confused) as British identity itself. But it was also spectacular, beautiful and funny.”


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