Top JOURNALISM & TECH links of the week

Posted: July 8, 2012 in Linkin'
  1. Twitter Breaks Up With LinkedIn
  2. The 2012 Socialympics
  3. IBM’s ‘Sequoia’ unseats Fujitsu; tops the list as fastest supercomputer
  4. The Atlantic Names Its New Business News Site: ‘Quartz.’ Quartz? Yep. Quartz
  5. Towards a Better Definition of Curation in Journalism
  6. The New Mobile SEO Strategy
  7. Why the “Twittercycle” trumps the traditional news cycle
  8. The Social Network Tribes – Plus Infographic
  9. Open Educational Resources Oxford 
  10. What Does It Mean To Be Literate In The 21st Century?
  11. 12 free social media tools to make your life easier
  12. Murally Beta Teaser
  13. Is There a Link Between Media and Good Governance? What the Academics Say



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