Top TECH links of the week

Posted: October 24, 2012 in Linkin'
  1. Pinterest, Instragram, Google+: Keep Up, Keep Sane
  2. The Golden Rules Of Link Building
  3. 7 Ways to Find a Job Using Social Media
  4. Explainer: what is 3D printing and what’s it for?
  5. Pinterest vs. Facebook: Which Is REALLY the Better Visual Social Network?
  6. Digital Diplomacy: Why It’s So Tough for Embassies to Get Social Media Right
  7. How to Build Relationships With Social Media
  8. How to Make an Infographic in Five Steps
  9. Google reveals top-secret data centres powering the world’s largest search engine
  10. Marketing Is Dead
  11. Twitter fiction: 21 authors try their hand at 140-character novels
  12. Twitter for People Who Don’t Like Twitter
  13. 12 Most Annoying Technologies as Chosen by Wired Commenters




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