Top JOURNALISM links of the week

Posted: November 3, 2012 in Journalism, Linkin'
  1. Why Time Magazine Used Instagram To Cover Hurricane Sandy
  2. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have both received more negative than positive coverage from the news media
  3. The Top Five Threats to Internet Freedom You’ve Never Heard Of
  4. The Presentation Mistake You Don’t Know You’re Making
  5. 23-year-old Eudora Welty’s job application letter to The New Yorker
  6. Press freedom is under threat in Greece and the EU doesn’t seem to care
  7. How governments police the Internet
  8. Carbon Footprint of News Publishing
  9. Tweeting fake news in a crisis
  10. The MIT Center for Civic Media
  11. If You Can’t Be a Creator, Then Be a Curator
  12. Change Newspapers Can Believe In
  13. How to tailor news content for multiple devices
  14. Pinterest & Newspapers: No Pins, No Wins
  15. Social Media Doubles, but Remains Limited
  16. China blocks NYT site after minister report
  17. Why TV Ads Are Out and Online Video Is the Future
  18. New Responsive Design Paper View



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