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Christine Lagarde. Earnings: $467,960 as of November 2011. Profession: Managing Director, International Monetary Fund. Age: 55. Education: Master of Arts, Institut d’ etudes politiques d’ Aix-en-Provence. Marital Status: Single. Children: 2.

This is the profile according to Forbes Lists of the ninth most powerful woman on this planet. One woman who is responsible for the future of many countries and the everyday lives of its citizens. One woman whose appearances even in the media “down under” have impact thousands miles away.

Once someone reads the following statements made by her some days ago on an Australian TV programme called “7.30 Report”(ABC) can get the picture. At the least the one with the… “Greek colours”:

“Greece has a few things to do. The first thing that needs to be achieved which is of paramount importance from our perspective is that it has to have the support of the largest possible number of people both at governmental level, parliamentary level and in society as well. Because clearly the path on which the country is engaging is going to be a difficult one, one that will require resilience, determination, some sacrifices along the way and a clear focus on growth, on trying to create value, on trying to create competiveness. (…)

If you look at the minimum wage for instance which is one of the conditions that was put in the program, the minimum wage in Greece is about 50 per cent higher than Portugal, 17 per cent higher than Spain and multiple of the minimum wage in countries like Croatia for instance. (…) Clearly, growth is not going to come out of those changes in the minimum wage, because there will be less consumption, less tax collection – on that particular aspect of the market, but it’s a necessary step to improve the competitiveness of the country”.

Before almost a week, the Organization responsible for employment (OAED) announced its figures about the rates of unemployment in Greece for the second month of 2012, that is February, after the continuous cuttings on people’s incomes and the general austerity measures in the name of the utopian development.

An numbers talk for themselves:

770.369 unemployed

1,13% more than January

REAL number 956.041 (185.672 don’t actively search)

335.721 MEN  (43,58%)

434.648 WOMEN (56,42%)

Aged 30-54: 63,16%

Aged under 30: 27,12%

Aged over 55: 9,72%.

It is unnecessary to mention that many people are not tracked down as they have not officially declared their unemployment, which means that the previous figures are even higher than that…