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Two countries, sharing the same sea that divides them. Greece and Turkey. Since I was born, and way before my humble existence, the enemy was known, lurking on the other side of Aegean.

But economic crisis bring people together, not in means of solidarity though. In order to survive (?), since you are incapable of managing your own pocket and you are sort of money you make peace even with your worst rival, yet sponsor, as part of the country’s largest privatization plan imposed by its creditors.

The “saving solution” includes the selling out of ports, airports, power plants, highways and energy firms (plus lives, dreams, hope but, who cares about that…). Of course, they had to be first degraded. And only then they could be sold “bir para” as Turks say (means at very low cost). That plan of depreciation has launched some years ago and it has been tested on other continents too.

So the Greek officials started to favour a collaboration with the so far enemy in the name of development. “One third of Greek land is on sale”, said Panos Protopsaltis, head of Privatization Program of the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund, speaking at a meeting organized in Istanbul. In the absence of other Western investors, he encouraged Turkish business people to take advantage of the… low prices. Moreover, the program aims to generate nearly 19 billion euros (cash) by 2015.