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The Onassis Foundation came with a proposal to alternate and rethink of the centre of Athens through organizing and funding a European Architectural Competition. The project named RETHINK ATHENS is centered around Panepistimiou Street with the goals to:

  1. Make the city centre a destination for people instead of a traffic area for automobiles
  2. Functionally, aesthetically and environmentally upgrade the city centre
  3. Reinforce the commercial, administrative and financial activities of the city
  4. Re-inhabit the city centre
  5. Highlight the historical and cultural profile of the capital
  6. Offer quality of life to all citizens

In the official presentation a couple days ago it was mentioned that it will be funded with European funds designed for the support of European cities and their incorporation into networks and cultural galaxies. Hopefully it will be completed by 2015 reaching the cost of 200 million euros.

The Foundation is already collaborating with the Greek Ministries of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, and of Transport, Infrastructure and Networks, together with other organizations that will contribute and coordinate the project.

The public, citizens and entrepreneurs of Athens are able to discuss and express their opinions through the social media (Facebook, twitter), something happened for the first time.